Industrial fleet management diagram CHG-MERIDIAN

CHG-MERIDIAN is a specialist in technology solutions and asset finance for IT, Healthcare and Industrial equipment.

In the client’s own words “We were looking for a designer who had experience working with B2B clients to simplify and spark new life into our Industrial Fleet Management diagram”.

Briefed by the UK marketing and sales team I gained a clear understanding of their technology solution and why the diagram they had was failing to communicate the benefits without someone explaining it to the prospective customer.

Three design options were created clearly showing the benefits of the solution underpinned by their online fleet management system TESMA. Icons of pallet trucks, forklifts, and electric-powered tow tractors all helped to tell the story. The selected diagram is used in presentations, at events, and on the CHG corporate website.

How I helped

– Diagram design
– Literature design
– Advertising
– Powerpoint graphics

Previous industrial fleet diagram
CHG-MERIDIAN UK TESMA Fleet Management Diagram
Industrial Fleet Technology Solutions
Fleet Management Industrial Technology

We were looking for a designer with B2B experience to redesign an existing diagram we felt was not clearly communicating our offering. Rob did a fantastic job creating an asset which exceeded all our expectations. The sales team were so impressed with his work that we asked Rob to design all the marketing support material for a brand new product we are launching.


Exhibition support

The diagram was also used at IntraLogisteX 2022, an annual exhibition for the intralogistics industry.

Currently logistics and warehouse managers are dealing with five or more suppliers and a separate finance partner to manage their industrial equipment requirements. I was briefed to design a graphic which communicated that an alternative approach was available: a bespoke, one-stop solution, all from just from one supplier.

The graphic I designed, listing their services on a CHG branded box, communicated this simply and clearly, and appeared with the industrial fleet management solution diagram across their exhibition marketing materials.

Intra Logiste X, intralogistics exhibition
Industrial Equipment Finance Partner
Industrial equipment finance partner