European Space Policy
Institute (ESPI)

Europe’s independent think tank for space is to establish a new Centre of Excellence for Space and Sustainability.

Having designed ESPI’s vision document “ESPI2040: Space for Prosperity, Peace and Future Generations”, I was briefed to design a flyer to announce their collaboration with the Austrian Federal Ministry for Climate Action, Environment, Energy, Mobility, Innovation and Technology (BMK), to announce a new Centre of Excellence for Space and Sustainability (CESS).

CESS will aim to develop interdisciplinary expertise and know-how on the role of space to support sustainable development on Earth; and will also address sustainability issues in outer space.

To reflect the themes of space and sustainability, and to increase recognition of the ESPI brand, I utilised their “brand mark” combining an image of space debris and satellites orbiting around the earth with an image of Europe taken from space, to create an eye-catching front cover.

The use of the dark image of Europe taken from space was also used on the visually impactful inside spread to create maximum stand out for the messaging and Centre of Excellence objectives.

How I helped

– Design
– Graphics
– Artwork