European Space Policy
Institute (ESPI)

A bold new policy vision for Europe in space by European Space Policy Institute (ESPI), Europe’s independent think tank for space.

Having redesigned the waveL website (view on my work page), I was tasked with designing the vision document “ESPI2040: Space for Prosperity, Peace and Future Generations” for their Austrian client ESPI, to be launched at their conference to celebrate 20 years at the Austrian Parliament.

The primary focus of the conference and accompanying vision document was to look to the future of the think tank, and the role of European and international space policy across the global economy and society.

Over the duration of the six-week project I created the concepts, branding, designs, diagrams, page visuals and sourced imagery for ESPI2040 at the same time as the messaging and copy for the vision document was being developed by ESPI.

Feedback to the design and images, alongside copy updates, were received via email and twice-weekly online meetings with both the waveL team, based in Luxembourg, and the ESPI leadership team based in Vienna.

To ensure the 40-page vision document had the quality finish required by ESPI I was asked to handle the print in the UK two weeks before the conference.

The printing took eight working days and was delivered to ESPI’s offices in Vienna four days before their conference where it was shared with attendees from 40 nations, including heads and delegates of national and international Space Agencies, industry leaders and executives as well as government representatives.

How I helped

– Branding
– Design
– Graphics
– Artwork
– Image sourcing
– Print management
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